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We strive for excellence in mass cytometry

The German Mass Cytometry Network comprises all academic mass cytometry platforms in Germany, providing a framework for networking within the local and international community and for knowledge transfer to achieve technological and scientific excellence.

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7th German Mass Cytometry User Forum (GMCUF) 2024 in Dresden

Dear friends of Mass Cytometry,

we like to thank all the invited speakers, News from… speakers, short talk and poster presenters as well as participants and industrial partners who overcame the most challenging conditions due to the rail strike to attend our meeting.

More than 80 participants made the German Mass Cytometry User Forum on 25th – 26th of January 2024 a most memorable event.

We especially thank the team from the Center of Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD) kindly hosting our conference.

Last but not least we like to thank our industrial partners for their very kind support.

Congratulations to our poster prize awardees: Kavitha Lakshmi from Dresden won the first prize and Yuan Suo from Freiburg the second for exzellent poster presentations and poster design.

We hope to meet you all again next year,
the organizers of the GMCUF
Sabine Baumgart, Bertram Bengsch, Ute Hoffmann, Désirée Kunkel, Henrik Mei, Axel Schulz, Sarah Warth

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